When you dreamt of your wedding proposal I promise very few of you could have imaged something as amazing as what Tejiri planned for Kokgetso. A weekend at the 5 star Karkloof Safari Villa's, a day of treatments at the Karkloof Safari Spa. A private gamedrive and a walk to the base of a massive waterfall! A toatlly unexpected proposal with a stunning ring, followed by a photo shoot,sundowners and champagne.

We loved being part of this perfectly planned surprise and we cant wait to be there for their amazing wedding day! Congrats again Tejiri & Kokgetso... read more


There was so much I loved about this beautiful Ballito Wedding. It was the most spectacular day and as is so often the case in Balliot, we totally forgot it was meant to be the middle of winter! 

We had such a jol with Bret and his groomsmen who not only chose to get dressed at such a brilliant location but also were happy to mess around with top hats and suspenders, even though they weren't part of the original outfit plan!

Amy's dress was so unique and gorgeous and I loved each of the unique pink bridesmaids' dresses.

After a wedding service full of tears and laughter in the gardens of Braeside we took the bridal party off to the surrounding Ballito farm areas to find some unique locations for photos. Sunset, rolling valleys and a couple more than happy to enjoy each other and the view allowed us to get some really epic photos. Then back to Braeside for some proper dancing.

Thanks for picking us Bret & Amy, we had such a fun day with you guys and you made our job so easy with your happy smiles and relaxed nature. I have no doubt your lives are going to be full of epic adventures.

 ... read more


Every now and then photographers get a bit of a spoiling. 

A styled shoot, without any of the pressures of a real wedding day, really gives everyone involved an opportunity to stretch their creative muscles and show off a bit. Everyone plays a part in creating a story that is both romantic and dreamy in a setting that is part blank canvass and part playful muse in sparking ideas for the story. 

What started as a simple idea between ourselves and Kim from Kim White Weddings, grew into an afternoon of creative indulgence. Using a soon to be launched, but still very secret wedding venue in Salt Rock we wanted to show off the incredible talent working weddings here on the KZN North Coast... read more


This is a wedding that I think truly had it all! A gorgeous bride wearing such a beautiful Olivelli two-piece wedding dress. A dashing, surfer, lawyer groom. The most awesome city wedding venue that is Katy's Palace Bar, complete with its unique eclectic decor, an epic view and perfect party venue vibe. But this wasn't just a day of beautiful people and glamorous venues, it was also a day about family. Kim's whole family (cousins and all) came to help her get ready. The house was full of tulle and sneaker wearing flower girls, siblings, parents, cousins and friends. Kim was the calm centre of this happy storm... read more


A sneak preview from an epic wedding we shot at the end of 2016! Kim was the most magnificent bride and we just loved her fairytale dress. Katy's Palace is our new favourite venue with its unusual decor and 180-degree view of Joburg. We can't wait show you the rest of the pics as soon as they are ready. Watch this space...... read more


For those of you wondering, this is how we shoot a proposal. We arrive ahead of time to the venue and we then try to blend in with the crowd or look like we there doing our own thing.  Then, of course, we wait for the nervous guy to arrive with his unsuspecting girlfriend, drop down on one need and pop the question. It is awesome!!!

So last week we were asked to be at Durban Botanical Gardens around midday by Kath from The Perfect Proposal. There had been quite a few last minute changes to the plan because of endless rain, but, in the end, the giant proposal sign in the empty and magnificent gardens was magic. Yajna had no idea what was coming and even though Sharvay was nervous he did  a brilliant job. Clearly, she said yes!

After much hugging, smiling and kissing, we then took the couple off for a really authentic engagement shoot. The hugs, kisses, laughter and massive smiles are all real. They genuinely couldn't stop staring at each other and that amazing ring!... read more


I remember listening to Stefania and Carl describe their wedding plans to us and thinking; wow if they can pull this off, it is going to be the most epic wedding ever! I mean, who doesn't love the idea of a getting married under an immense milk wood tree on the north coast of KZN followed by sundowners overlooking a north coast bay. Then a magical lantern-lit walk to a secluded clearing in a forest to have dinner by candlelight. And to end it all off, dancing under the stars. 

The short story is they did it and it was as predicted, completely epic... read more


There are so many reasons Chris and I loved this wedding and we really could go on & on about all the details, magic moments and perfect day that it was. But I think the photos speak for themselves, so take you time scrolling through them and enjoy all the finer details which made it the unique day that it was.

Look out for brilliant groomsmen outfits complete with bowties and suspenders.

You can't miss Michelle, wow what a beautiful bride and so gentle in nature, always thinking about everyone else even though it was her wedding day. 

You'll notice what a brilliant location Haycroft Farm is with tractor rides, pine forest chapels, sunset picnics and a dancefloor complete with fireplace. ... read more