I warn you, these photos are gonna make you feel all gooey inside. Seriously I am not sure if it's because little Ella is only 6 weeks old, or because Mia has the most infectious & naughty smile. I might be the awesome dad & daughter pics, or just the gorgeous winter light. Whatever it is I love this shoot and I hope you do too!... read more


Every now and then photographers get a bit of a spoiling. 

A styled shoot, without any of the pressures of a real wedding day, really gives everyone involved an opportunity to stretch their creative muscles and show off a bit. Everyone plays a part in creating a story that is both romantic and dreamy in a setting that is part blank canvass and part playful muse in sparking ideas for the story. 

What started as a simple idea between ourselves and Kim from Kim White Weddings, grew into an afternoon of creative indulgence. Using a soon to be launched, but still very secret wedding venue in Salt Rock we wanted to show off the incredible talent working weddings here on the KZN North Coast... read more


This is a wedding that I think truly had it all! A gorgeous bride wearing such a beautiful Olivelli two-piece wedding dress. A dashing, surfer, lawyer groom. The most awesome city wedding venue that is Katy's Palace Bar, complete with its unique eclectic decor, an epic view and perfect party venue vibe. But this wasn't just a day of beautiful people and glamorous venues, it was also a day about family. Kim's whole family (cousins and all) came to help her get ready. The house was full of tulle and sneaker wearing flower girls, siblings, parents, cousins and friends. Kim was the calm centre of this happy storm... read more


A sneak preview from an epic wedding we shot at the end of 2016! Kim was the most magnificent bride and we just loved her fairytale dress. Katy's Palace is our new favourite venue with its unusual decor and 180-degree view of Joburg. We can't wait show you the rest of the pics as soon as they are ready. Watch this space...... read more


I still can't quite believe that 2016 is done and dusted! What a year! For some not so great but for us it was pretty special. Not only did we add a new member to our family; Mr Max Anthony, but we met awesome new families, went to epic weddings and captured some pretty awesome pics. Even more brilliant was winning Gold, Silver and Bronze awards in the Admired In Africa competition. 

That said I am not sad the year is over, I am ready for a new year and all that it means to start fresh, get creative and try something new.  But before we get stuck into things, here are some of our favourites from the past year. From babies to bumps, engagements to weddings, beaches to forest and everything in between, we have shot SO much and we have loved every second.

Happy New Year!... read more


We simply could not stop taking photos of this family. They were so ready to have fun on the beach, from stamping in puddles, jumping over waves or exploring waterfalls. In a family of cellists, gymnasts, ballerinas and future rugby players, the options were endless. They made our job easy and we just love the results. ... read more


Ballerinas, labradors, beautiful girls, a derelict hotel, chandeliers, toenail polish and delicious monsters; this is the type of family shoot we have been dreaming of doing!

Shan had so many awesome ideas of how she wanted to capture her girls; the things they do together, the games they love to play and we just ran with it. We changed locations (a lot) they changed outfits (a lot) and we had so much fun.

We think the photos are pretty epic and I have been dying to share them with you. Here is just some of the many we took, I hope you like them as much as we do... read more


We did this shoot months ago and I can't believe I never blogged about it. So much fun with plenty of jumping kids, smitten grandparents, crazy dads and happy babies. Too much fun!... read more