Meet Chris and Emily, a husband and wife team.

We are a creative husband and wife team who love working together and share a passion for taking stunning photos. We fell in love at Rhodes while Chris was studying Photo Journalism and Emily, Television Journalism.

8 years ago the idea of PeppermintPix was doodled on the back of a serviette some 35 000 feet above the Indian Ocean, with the assistance of stodgy AirAsia food paired with the local fruits of the vine! Since then, PeppermintPix has established itself as a professional brand known for its unparalleled personal service.

Put simply, with Emily's production and directing skills acquired from many a late night working in the TV industry and Chris's freelance photography talents no project is too daunting.

We love meeting new people! Whether it be the organised chaos of a big family reunion or the more intimate chance to get to create lasting prints of your newborn baby - once a bump, now full of personality and tiny toes.