BE WARNED;  if you are in danger of getting broody, then dont keep reading this blog! The idea of 3 boys is enough to intimidate any person, but when you see the reality of 3 brothers,and all the fun and love that lies ahead, it is going to make you want another baby!

This is our 3rd shoot with this wonderful family and since they just moved to the UK its possibly our last. But that said, we may just go and visit them soon, because we will will miss them so much.

All the best on your next great adventure!... read more


I love this family and I love taking their photo. This is our 3rd photo shoot with the Dexel family and we have loved every single one. There are roumours they are leaving SA for another adventure....dont go, we will miss you terribly... read more


I know its already Februrary and therefore riduclously late to be posting a highlights reel from 2017, but in my defense we shot more than 40 families, 4 proposals and 10 weddings last year and this is only part of the work we do. We have been busy.

So here it is, a few of our favourites from the year that was. Suprise waterfall proposals, windy beach days, sunny forests adventures, rainy wedding days and everything in between. It's been epic and we loved it.

Thanks to all our amazing clients, it never ceases to amaze us what amazing people we meet in this job... read more


I have to admit that I was so super chuffed when Robs asked us to do her family photo shoot. Not only are they special friends, but Robs is an awesome family photographer in her own right. We love her work and we want her to shoot our family. So we were excited and nervous about the challenge of capturing epic pics for her and Rich. But they made our lives easy. What gorgeous kids and so many creative ideas that included a fairy garden walk, jumping on the bed and even a little bit of nudity (sorry you don't get to see those pics). 

Take a look, I am sure you will love them as much as we did. Of course, now the pressure is on us to do our own family photo shoot!!!! We will be booking soon Robyn Rose!... read more


I just loved this photo shoot with the White Family.  How gorgeous are these little girls smiles. 

So often clients want to shoot on the beach because Ballito is by the sea, but don't underestimate the amazing greens and yellows of a coastal forest shoot, not to mention the amazing afternoon light we get here. In the end, the shoot will be about your happy faces not about the location, so if your shoot is moved because of the wind or other weather elements, trust me, it will probably turn out better than you had imagined... read more


At PeppermintPix we are all about the fun when doing family photo shoots! We are about real smiles, serious laughing and having too much fun! All children love running & jumping, chasing after bubbles and being swung around by dad. Every parent loves to hear their child laugh out loud.

So many people hate having their photo taken but are desperate for some beautiful photos of their family. I promise you will have fun with us! I promise you will love how easy and relaxed it all was and I am pretty sure you will love your pics. So if you feel like hanging out with your family for a couple of hours, and if you are up for making your kids giggle while spending some time outdoors, then pick a place, invite us to come with you and let us take those photos you have been dreaming of... read more


I warn you, these photos are gonna make you feel all gooey inside. Seriously I am not sure if it's because little Ella is only 6 weeks old, or because Mia has the most infectious & naughty smile. I might be the awesome dad & daughter pics, or just the gorgeous winter light. Whatever it is I love this shoot and I hope you do too!... read more


I still can't quite believe that 2016 is done and dusted! What a year! For some not so great but for us it was pretty special. Not only did we add a new member to our family; Mr Max Anthony, but we met awesome new families, went to epic weddings and captured some pretty awesome pics. Even more brilliant was winning Gold, Silver and Bronze awards in the Admired In Africa competition. 

That said I am not sad the year is over, I am ready for a new year and all that it means to start fresh, get creative and try something new.  But before we get stuck into things, here are some of our favourites from the past year. From babies to bumps, engagements to weddings, beaches to forest and everything in between, we have shot SO much and we have loved every second.

Happy New Year!... read more