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Dina & Kyle at Bistro 98, Dunkirk

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Dina & Kyle's wedding day was such a unique and beautiful day. Maybe its because it was a small wedding, maybe it was because they got married at night under a canpoy of trees and fairy lights, but maybe its just because these are just two such awesome people.

Dina and Kyle picked a  perfect autumns day in Ballito to get married. Because they wanted a night service the couple met before hand to have their "creative" bridal photos taken. It was such an intimate reunion when Kyle got to see Dina in her dress for the first time; just the two of them and their bridesmaids and groomsmen as witnesses. Then off to the Dunkirk forest for some group and couple shots. Normally the couple is married when we do these photos but this time there plenty of nerves going round that kept everyone giggling, especially the groom.

They were married out on the deck at Bistro 98 surrounded by friends and family and hundreds of candles, it was magic. Then on to excellent speeches and a mouth watering harvest table of food. The best of was yet to come when they hit the dance floor and all the best moves came out.

Thanks for choosing us guys, we loved being a part of your day. I see only great things in your future; a life of adventure, red wine & crazy dance moves!


On 16 April, 2015 Jane Doe said:

Love these, they're all so beautiful! I love seeing all your phots, the lighting is always wonderful!



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