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Mr & Mrs Roberts at Crandford Country House

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Alex & Cam got married on a beautiful spring day in the midlands! The cherry blossoms were out, the grass was green again and the sun was out! This was the perfect setting for what has to have been the most relaxed wedding we have ever been too! Alex and Cam were determined to do everything in their own way and their own schedule so they werent going to let a silly little thing like time get in the way. The result was that everyone else was just as relaxed and so when the service had to be postponed by an hour (hair & make-up delays) I have never seen wedding planners, guests or a bridal party handle it like it was a totally normal thing! Even with the last minute time change the wedding went off without a hitch and we had such fun taking photos of this crazy couple who like to pull faces as much as they like to smile.

Alex & Cam you guys are awesome and we know you are going to have an epic life together!




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