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Mr and Mrs Galloway at Crandford Country Lodge

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Autumn leaves, warm winter sun and fields of green grass, this is why so many people love getting married in the Midlands, Chris and myself included.

Cara and Craig moved wedding venues just a few months before their big after hearing that Crandford Country Lodge offered the best service. Neither bride nor groom was dissapointed as Alex and her team once again ran the day with casual perfection.

What a happy day, I dont think Cara stopped smiling once and I have never seen a groom cry as much as his bride in the ceremony. Everyone was genuinly thrilled to see this couple tie the knot and we loved that we were there to document the day.

Wishing you guys adventures, laughter and many more happy tears in your life time together. 



On 16 September, 2015 Cara Galloway said:

Ah yay we made it onto the blog :) !!!! Amazing, can't even believe that is us, you guys really made us look good ;) The most amazing pictures, thanks so much Chris and Em ... You are both awesome! Xx



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