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PeppermintPix is about to see some massive changes (more about that soon) but by far the sadest,  is that our wonderful Jen will be leaving us soon!! If you have made a booking with us in the last 3 years, then you have probably chatted Jen; our wonderful, gentle, kind hearted , no nonsense Jen. She has been our amazing production manager  all while raising this beautiful family, running comrades and generally over achieving. 

We have been planning this shoot with Jen and her family since the first day she started working for us, I am thrilled we finally made it happen! Jen your children are gorgeous, you and Derek are doing such an amazing job raising these 3 small humans.

We are going to miss having you in our business so much Jen. Luckily we still get see you everyday at school pick-ups, playdates, braais and on the beach. I have no idea how I will fill your shoes! Thank-you for everything you have done for us in the last few years.




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