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Mr & Mrs Hansen at the Aviator

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We had far too much fun at this wedding. So much in fact that we only got home at 5:00am when the sun was coming up! But you dont travel all the way to the middle of the Karoo for a 4 day wedding and not make the most of every moment.

Arne and Jess are good friends of ours and we felt so priviledged to be asked to shoot their wedding. Taking photos at a friends wedding normally means all work and no play but somehow we managed to do both this time. It was defineitly one of those times  where taking the photos is almost too easy. A  hotel that is a national monument, a gorgeous bride, a plane hanger for a venue, mountains, vineyards,  perfect weather and such a happy couple. Congrats Arne and Jess, you guys are awesome and we cant wait to meet your honeymoon baby arriving in less than a month!

As for anyone reading this who wasnt at the wedding; Prince Albert is our new favourite South African town. Go visit it! In fact please get married there and then ask us to come a long, we are dying to get back!




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